SIGNS YOU HAVE BIPOLAR DISORDER! (Diagnosing Major Depression v. Bipolar)

The purpose of this video is to show that Bipolar evolves and develops over time rather than just BAM 100% fully manifesting one day. 💖⚡️ TRY ONLINE THERAPY 💖⚡️ (1-week is free! I recommend this company, they’re amazing!!)

If your Psychiatrist or Therapist is being super legalistic about the DSM criteria, find a new doctor! If you are self reflective you can be aware of all of this happening and treat it immediately and prevent all the mood phases from getting worse.

I’ve made a dozen other videos about Bipolar Disorder! HERE IS THE PLAYLIST to all those videos:

The actual signs of Bipolar Depression start at 4:07 (if you want to skip the whole intro) 👍

New Video I made called SIGNS YOU ARE MANIC:



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Anxiety Treatments – Understanding the Causes and Symptoms of Anxiety

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Anxiety Treatments – Understanding the Causes and Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health conditions, yet they are also highly treatable. By understanding the causes of anxiety and how to alleviate the symptoms, people can significantly reduce their anxiety. Those suffering from an anxiety disorder are often plagued by irrational fears that things will go wrong. Despite the irrational nature of anxiety disorders, the symptoms are often quite similar to other mental illnesses. Listed below are some methods for treating anxiety disorders.

While the exact cause of anxiety disorders is unknown, genetics, brain biology, and environmental factors may play a role. Individuals suffering from anxiety disorders often experience high levels of restlessness and tense feelings, which interfere with their lives. Certain medications and substances may exacerbate anxiety symptoms. A health care provider may request a physical exam and lab tests to confirm the diagnosis. If a doctor suspects anxiety as a cause of your symptoms, he or she will prescribe a medication tailored to your needs.

While self-help coping strategies can reduce anxiety in some cases, it is recommended to seek professional assistance if it persists or becomes too intense. In addition, it is important to differentiate between generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Severe anxiety can affect a person’s quality of life, affect their work or productivity, and restrict activities. In such cases, treatment can include medical intervention and therapy. If you’re experiencing symptoms of anxiety, seek professional help immediately.

Often, anxiety disorders can be difficult to treat. A physician may recommend therapy that involves a combination of therapy, counseling, and self-help measures. In addition to therapy, an active lifestyle and a balanced diet can help keep anxiety in check. The right combination of therapies is critical to recovery. Ultimately, the best treatment for anxiety is to manage the symptoms. Regardless of the cause, an anxiety disorder is a serious problem and should be treated with care.

Although there is no cure for anxiety disorders, there are ways to reduce anxiety attacks. Anxiety attacks can be severe, and some people may experience them daily or weekly. Even worse, they can interfere with daily life, preventing people from participating in social situations. Anxiety disorders can be difficult to deal with, but the treatments for both are similar. Most treatments for anxiety disorders come from the same drug class. In addition, medications can be taken to reduce anxiety symptoms.

Medication and psychotherapy are effective for most cases. Both methods have their pros and cons. However, medication may be a better option for some cases. Psychotherapy involves working with a health care provider to determine the best course of treatment for an anxiety disorder. In general, psychotherapy aims to identify distorted thinking patterns and change the way people think about them. It also involves challenging irrational beliefs. Anxiety treatment can be a lifelong process.

Anxiety disorders can also have physical symptoms. In some cases, people are unable to leave social situations due to anxiety and panic. They may even experience physical symptoms that are unrelated to the original trigger. They may even become housebound, which can make it harder to leave a social situation. In such cases, the anxiety may turn into an actual panic disorder. In some cases, a person may experience anxiety as a result of these physical symptoms.

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