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Treatments For Anxiety Disorders

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Treatments For Anxiety Disorders

Most people experience some level of anxiety at one time or another in their lives. If the feelings of anxiety are too severe, you may want to seek professional help to treat the disorder. Treatments for anxiety disorders usually include psychotherapy or medications. These medications can help you control your anxiety and improve your daily life. It may be necessary to try more than one medication to find one that works for you.

Anxiety is often triggered by stressful or traumatic events. If you are worried that you might develop an anxiety disorder, you can try stress management techniques, meditation, or find a support group. Understanding more about anxiety disorders can help your family and friends understand what you are going through. Be sure to avoid caffeine as this can exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety. Also, talk to your doctor if you experience any other physical symptoms.

Anxiety causes extra strain on the heart. People with heart conditions are particularly vulnerable to the physical symptoms of anxiety. Increased blood pressure and a rapid heart rate interfere with heart function and can increase the risk of developing coronary disease. People with panic disorders may misidentify these symptoms as heart attacks because they experience shortness of breath, chest pain, and stomach discomfort.

A doctor can help you determine what the cause is, what type of anxiety it is, and how to treat it. In some cases, anxiety disorders run in families, which means that the genetics and environmental stress of your parents may be your cause. Your health care provider will ask about your symptoms, perform a physical exam, and conduct lab tests. Anxiety disorders can also be caused by other conditions, such as a stressful illness or trauma.

Cognitive behavioral therapy may also be beneficial. This therapy involves confronting your fears and anxiety in a safe environment. You may be encouraged to imagine a situation or object that you fear. Over time, your anxiety will diminish as you face it without harm. If you are a parent of a child with anxiety disorders, you can use exposure therapy as a way to treat this condition.

Many people who suffer from anxiety disorder may also suffer from depression. In fact, about 50% of people who suffer from depression also have anxiety. Since anxiety and depression share a common biological vulnerability, it may help to treat your depression first to treat your anxiety. In some cases, anxiety is the underlying cause of an addiction.

Anxiety may be triggered by loneliness. It can be made worse by isolation, so try to socialize with friends and family. Join self-help groups or meet with trusted loved ones on a regular basis. Getting plenty of sleep is also a good way to control your anxiety. Try to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep each day.

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