Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tools for Mindful Eating

#CognitiveBehavioraltherapy Tools for #MindfulEating and improved #nutrition
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Video by Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on integrative behavioral health approaches including counseling techniques and skills for improving mental health and reducing mental illness. provides multimedia counselor education and CEUs for LPCs, LMHCs, LMFTs and LCSWs as well as addiction counselor precertification training and continuing education on many of the videos on this channel.
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00:35 Mindless Eating Behaviors
19:45 Other Tips for improving nutrition

Recognizing the Causes of Anxiety

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Recognizing the Causes of Anxiety

If you are struggling with Anxiety, you are not alone. Millions of people experience anxiety problems at some point in their lives. Anxiety disorders can be hard to deal with, but there are many ways to combat them. The first step to treating anxiety is to recognize its causes. There are many factors that can increase anxiety levels, and addressing these issues will help you live a more enjoyable life. Listed below are a few of these factors.

End Child Anxiety

A medical condition may cause your symptoms. Medical issues can cause anxiety, including lung, heart, and thyroid problems. A physical exam will help you rule out any underlying problems. Risk factors are also a factor, including mental health problems and childhood sexual abuse. In fact, childhood sexual abuse has been linked to the development of anxiety disorders. If these are present, your doctor may recommend that you see a psychiatrist or a psychologist. A therapist can help you develop an effective treatment plan.

Although self-help techniques such as meditation and yoga are highly effective, you should seek professional help if your symptoms persist. If your anxiety is so severe that it interferes with everyday tasks, you should seek medical care. Getting a physical check-up can rule out a medical condition. Some drugs, including alcohol, can worsen anxiety symptoms. Also, do not take recreational drugs. Taking antidepressants or sleeping pills can increase the risk of developing anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders are common, and it is important to get treatment. Anxiety treatment can alleviate symptoms of these conditions and help you lead a normal, happy life. During an anxiety attack, you may be unable to control your feelings and can even experience a panic attack. A panic attack is a sudden feeling of intense fear, often without warning. An attack may cause a heartbeat to race or chest pain. This can be devastating to a person’s quality of life.

People with anxiety disorders may have symptoms of several different types. Specific phobias are defined by major anxiety or the desire to avoid a particular object. In some cases, people with specific phobias may suffer panic attacks. Meanwhile, a person with a substance-induced anxiety disorder experiences intense anxiety and panic after exposure to a certain substance. Anxiety disorder may also be classified as unspecified anxiety, a condition where the symptoms don’t fit any of the above-mentioned categories.

While the occasional episode of anxiety is perfectly normal, anxiety disorders are a serious problem that requires treatment. Anxiety is a result of a person’s brain’s “fight-or-flight” response to threats. During a crisis, this response keeps us alert and motivated to deal with the problem. Anxiety disorder can interfere with daily activities and cause people to withdraw from social situations and try to avoid the situation altogether.

Some forms of medication are effective in treating anxiety disorders, and psychotherapy is often prescribed as an adjunct to talk therapy. The first treatment method is typically antidepressants, such as fluoxetine (Prozac) or duloxetine (Cymbalta). Beta-blockers, which are normally used for heart conditions, are also effective for anxiety and can help control physical symptoms. However, these drugs can cause side effects and are not recommended for everyone.

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