BBC The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive Part 1 (Better Quality)

Stephen Fry’s documentary on Bipolar disorder. The only other version of this is horribly jumbled and the audio isn’t sync’d. So I thought someone should get a good version out there, especially since its impossible to get a hold of outside of the UK thanks to region restrictions.

This is probably the best documentary I’ve seen for bipolar, and hope it helps someone else.

Recognizing the Difference Between a Panic Attack and an Anxiety Disorder


Recognizing the Difference Between a Panic Attack and an Anxiety Disorder

In addition to being uncomfortable, anxiety can also lead to other medical conditions. People with this condition should visit a doctor if they suspect that their heart is not functioning properly. There is a heart health check-up checklist that can help you determine when to seek medical care for this condition. In addition to the above-mentioned tests, you should consider therapy if you’re suffering from severe anxiety. The condition can interfere with your family life, career, and daily activities.

While this reaction can help you deal with a stressful situation, it can also put extra strain on your heart. Even if you’re healthy, the physical symptoms of anxiety can cause major harm to your heart. High blood pressure causes coronary disease and weakens the heart’s muscle. In addition, decreased heart rate variability increases the risk of death after a heart attack. A panic attack can mimic a heart attack, especially if it is accompanied by dizziness or shortness of breath.

There are many types of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, specific phobias, social anxiety disorder, and separation-anxiety disorder. The cause of anxiety may vary, but all of them have common symptoms. People with these conditions tend to worry excessively about everyday events and situations for at least six months. People with panic disorder, on the other hand, experience episodes of intense worry that last for several minutes without any danger.

Fortunately, many people can successfully treat their anxiety. Despite the fact that it can be devastating, anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses, and it is highly treatable. Learning how to recognize the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety disorder can help you find a treatment that will help you deal with your symptoms and live a more normal life. It is important to remember that the causes of anxiety disorders can vary, so understanding the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety disorder can help you find the best treatment for your situation.

Anxiety medications can reduce the tensions associated with fearful situations. Benzodiazepines, for example, can be used to reduce anticipatory anxiety. These drugs are not recommended for use as a primary treatment for simple phobias, however they may be used to reduce symptoms of other kinds of anxiety. It is important to note that Benzodiazepines are not intended to replace therapy for social anxiety. If you’re taking medication to treat your social anxiety, be sure to keep it up to 12 months for maximum benefit.

Fortunately, anxiety treatment is available for people who’ve been suffering for years. Psychotherapy is a proven method of treating anxiety and often involves medication. Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on changing distorted thinking patterns and altering people’s reactions to fears. It can also include exposure therapy, which involves confronting fears. If you’re suffering from extreme anxiety, exposure therapy may be the right choice. This treatment can help you control your fear, enabling you to live a healthier, happier life.

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